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Forecasting the New – Insights into international Trend & Market Research

Veranstaltung 29.04.2023 10:30 - 12:30 Uhr - Terrassenraum 321, Holzgartenstraße

Talk with Anneloes Ouwehand, Marketer, Designer & Trend Researcher, Amsterdam (NL)

Research on Trends & Target Audience

Trends. They seem to emerge out of thin-air, but when you know how to look, you can see them coming from miles away. In this talk Anneloes will give you research insights into where trends come from, how you can spot them and how to implement them in your own design process. 
Once you know what goes on in the world around you, you can strengthen your own designs. Furthermore, Anneloes will give you research tips on how you can identify the right audience for your designs.
Having worked in the field of trend-research and forecasting for almost a decade, combined with her current work as designer & marketer, she aspires to give you a deeper understanding of trends and how to apply them in your studies.

To open your mind a little for trend-research:
Think about a trend that surprised you, this can be a fashion style, an odd color that suddenly appeared all around, or a material used in different designs. Can you find out where this trend came from and an example of an execution of this trend that is fitting, and an example where the implementation was less successful.

Supported by Erasmus+ STA2