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Veranstaltung |  08 Dez 2016 |  18:00 Uhr

The Peut-Porter Platform or the may-be in Fashion

  • Vortrag: Alexa Pollmann "The Peut-Porter Platform or the may-be in Fashion - www.peut-porter.com"
  • Wann: am 8.Dezember 2016 um 18.00 Uhr
  • Wo: Östliche Karl- Friedrich- Str. 24, 2.Stock, Raum 206
  • Danach: Weihnachtsfeier MD und AD

Der Studiengang Mode setzt mit dem Vortrag von Alexa Pollmann (Abschluss 2011) die interne Vortragsreihe mit den Absolventen des Studienganges Mode fort.


After having worked in various fields of the fashion industry, Alexa Pollmann launched Peut-Porter: a platform and a way to mingle with like-minded people who, like her, inhabit the realm of the garment-making industry without falling into the categories of Haute-Couture and Pret-a-Porter. Peut-Porter produces design projects that are speculative and uses garments to investigate our cultural and technophile futures. The London based designer graduated from the Design Interactions Programme at the Royal College of Art and is course leader to the Wearable Futures MA at Ravensbourne College where she researches possible future technologies that may soon exist in proximity to the human body. Alexa will introduce you to current projects, her collaborations and her speculative design approach.