Please note we accept only digital portfolios from 2021 on. More information 

What should I bear in mind when submitting my portfolio of artistic work? 

Each individual artistic work, as well as the entire portfolio, must be clearly labeled with the name of the applicant and the date.

Please submit the portfolio in such a way that no objects can fall out of it. (For example, if you insert sketchbooks, please use an additional cover cardboard which you place atop the collected works before you seal the portfolio.)

My portfolio passed the pre-selection, but I didn’t pass the written exam.  What must I submit when I reapply?

If your portfolio earned six or more points in the pre-selection, you do not need to submit a new portfolio. All other documents must be resubmitted. Please be sure to mark an X in the “Transfer of Points” box on the application form.
If your portfolio earned fewer than six points in the pre-selection, you must resubmit everything.

How can I have my portfolio returned to me?

If we invite you to sit for the written exam and to attend a face-to-face interview, you can pick up your portfolio in person immediately after your interview.

If your portfolio did not pass the pre-selection and you accordingly did not receive an invitation to sit for the written exam, you can pick up your portfolio from our caretakers (in the foyer on the ground floor, Holzgartenstr. 36). You will be notified about the timeframe to pick up the portfolio via regular mail. 

If you cannot come here to pick up your portfolio in person: please buy an appropriate stamp online, and send it via email to the caretaker with a request that your portfolio be returned to you. Don't forget to mention your home address and the program which you applied for.

What else should I bear in mind when applying for admission?

Please carefully keep all letters that you receive from us because you may need these letters years later as proof (for example, for child allowance or health insurance).