Informative Events

At the School of Design, we have several regular events to explain everything about our various fields of study and the application process:


General course guidance ('Allgemeine Studienberatung') 

General information about all our offered design programs and the application process. Subjects covered are application requirements, questions about the mandatory internship, and much more.

Field related course guidance ('Fachstudienberatung')

Our field related course guidance is held by the academic staff of the respective design departments. They offer details about program structure and curriculum, as well as information about future career chances. 

Portfolio Consultation ('Mappenberatung')

You think about applying for a BA but aren't sure about your portfolio? Pack some of your works and visit us for a portfolio consultation. Members from the admission committee will give tips and offer advice on which of your technical skills you could improve and how to shine with your portfolio.


The dates of all scheduled informative events are being published on the german version of this page – please change the language to German (click on 'DE' in the upper menu bar) to see them.


–– Please note that the events mentioned above mainly focus on our BAs in Design. If you are interested in one of our MA programs please make sure in advance some of our academic staff will be present to answer your questions. ––