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Fashion design stands for the development of creative, intelligent and sustainable solutions for all areas of clothing.


The fashion, apparel and textile industry is one of the largest industries in the world - fashion in particular expanded its radius of action within contemporary culture in recent years and strengthened its alliance with sports and art as well as photography and media.

‚resettlers‘ by Janina Reindl, 2019/20
‚Das neue Blau‘ by Jonas Konrad, 2020, Photo: Felix Konrad

Studying fashion requires not only an understanding of the craft but also a high degree of creativity - our training is ideally suited to the various creative and professional requirements of the industry. We offer our students a specialized course of study with a long tradition, a sound scientific basis, a variety of opportunities for interdisciplinary and artistic work, as well as intensive supervision - and all this in a creative environment and a relaxed family atmosphere. An ideal foundation for a career in the fashion business!

Designprojekt, 6. Semester, von Ella Wanner

„What I appreciate about studying fashion in Pforzheim is the variety of courses on offer: both the artistic, design-specific and theoretical subjects combined with practical design. We develop creative solutions for current and socially relevant issues..“

Friederike Bischoff, Graduate

Design Projekt, zweiten Semester, von Frida Donner
Designprojekt, 4. Semester, von Amra El Gendi

Design PF is excellently networked and specifically promotes interdisciplinary work between the design bachelor's and master's programs, as well as with other faculties. In addition, projects and workshops with renowned companies from the industry and / or collaborations with well-known designers take place regularly in the Fashion Department.

Fashion at Design PF is international: The program is always involved in joint projects with universities abroad, and there are regular excursions where students learn about design, art, culture, craft techniques, industrial market conditions and consumer behavior in other countries. Study visits and / or internships abroad complement this and create good conditions for our graduates to enter international professional life with ease.

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‚AFROSPHERE‘ by Christine Hartmann, 2019/20, Photo: Celine Warta, Nicolas Rausch
‚Die Mitte von Zwei‘ by Thomas Sterzer, 2020, Photo: Christian Metzler
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‚Hayrenik - the word for home -‘ by Janine Minasyan, 2019/20, Photo: Lulu Frances


Studiengangflyer B.A. in Fashion (pdf, in German)
‚VER-SACRUM‘ by Marlene Kämpf, 2017/18
‚the memory of forgotten things‘ by Fanny Forster, 2020, Photo: Kira Loba Photography