Master of Arts in Design & Future Making

We move between yesterday, today and tomorrow. We understand design within the context of cultural critique – sense-making of the world we not only live in, but continually help shape. We probe limits, perceptions and ideas in a versatile artistic and design environment at the intersection of analog craft and computational design, traditional and digital fabrication, material sciences and ecology. We experiment with promising technologies and materials, test sensory and cognitive s(t)imulations, and address the question of »future«, entertaining the idea that the future is something feasible. We question existing methods, systems and the way we interact with them and ask, what does this mean for our work and responsibility for the implicit meanings of design and the ensuing consequences?

A rigorous and sustainable approach to the present leads to a meaningful future. The curriculum offers a versatile environment that cultivates research, analyses of complex situations and the development of personal positions. Students grasp the fundamental impact of material and technology developments within the context of a forward-looking understanding of »making« in design. The latest artistic and digital research coupled with a keen eye for the manufactory results in a unique study program: process and form are the focus and lead to integrative and haptic design and communication. This cross-pollination and practice-based approach enables students from a wide range of disciplines – design, architecture, the arts, science and engineering (with a demonstrable affinity for design)  – to strategically sharpen and deepen your personal focus and design skills through research, experimentation and exploring connections. Fostering the development of a research-oriented and exploratory mindset, it offers the freedom and time for experimental design and reflection, and prepares you in every respect to become an effective actor of cultural, social and environmental change.

The practice-based projects are supported by specialists in the fields of jewellery, fashion, accessories design, industrial design, visual communication and the arts, and enhanced through critical thinking discourse. Transdisciplinary links with other departments at Pforzheim University such as engineering, economics and law are encouraged. Our wide range of well-equipped workshops, including gold and silver smithing, electroplating, woodworking, plastics, textiles and leather, ceramics, photography and screen printing, enhanced by digital systems and tools, serve as open labs for your practical developments. The northern Black Forest region, with its rich culture of small and large manufacturers, provides opportunities for cooperation with industry, while connections to various institutes foster a wide range of research contexts beyond the university campus.

Are you curious, keen to experiment, practice-oriented and prone to critical thinking? Are you interested in exploring and developing the potential and limits of making as an essential understanding of design between craftsmanship and digital technologies? Do you work flexibly and questioningly both in interdisciplinary teams and in individual personal projects and handle them creatively and professionally? Then MADFM is right for you!


Photos: 1.) The Invasive Identity of Bamboo von Joshua Burghardt, 2021 2.) Symbeyond Realities von Nina Hanselmann, 2021 3.) Tantra (Auszug Film/Performance) von Vanessa Ohlhausen, 2020