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Welcome to the School of Design's Student Services!

The Student Services Team is the first point of contact for students of the School of Design, offering advice on questions and special challenges in the course of their studies. We are responsible for the obligatory subject advising (oSB) in case of credit arrears and third attempts, advise around the application for a binding study agreement (vSV) in case of nursing leave and on the topic of "studying with child" (parental leave). You are also welcome to contact us with any questions regarding your course of study, exam registration and the StudiCockpit - detailed information on this can also be found in the FAQ exam questions.

In addition, everyone is free to contact us or the School of Design's confidant if they have interpersonal, personal, or health problems. We will then seek and find ways and solutions together. No matter what issue we are confronted with - we treat all conversations and e-mails confidentially.

For questions that go beyond our area of responsibility, we are happy to provide information about the services offered by other counseling institutions and refer you to them.

Even beyond counseling, we want to provide the best possible support in your studies. In the project "How-to-study", for example, we offer courses on time management, key skills, learning techniques and motivation, which can be used free of charge at the university or online. 

Your Student Services Team




Design PF Student Services Contact Person

Alexandra Wößner
available Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. and by appointment in room G1.107 (Mondays by phone, email or Alfaview)
Phone: 07231 - 28 6719

Confidant of the School of Design

Petra Jaschke
available Monday to Friday and by appointment in room G1.234 
Phone: 07231 - 28 6781