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Master of Arts in Creative Direction

In recent years, the role of the designer has increasingly developed beyond the traditional. Design has come to mean more than simply enriching our consumer-focused world with new campaigns and products. The focus now lies less in profit maximization and consumer focus and more in social responsibility and sustainable development in our constantly renewing cultural world. Designers do not just analyze the status quo - they must seek new possibilities, question norms and develop creative prognoses. These abilities are now more valuable and essential for corporate management than ever. A market that wishes to move beyond reacting to short-term trends needs decisive and lasting innovation potential: the designer with leadership qualities - creative leadership.

As a designer and manager in one, the creative manager brings together design skill with critical thinking and an analytical power of observation. Aside from creative competence, he or she needs leadership qualities and comprehensive knowledge of methodology. The Pforzheim Master of Arts in Creative Direction sets as its goal attainment of this very combination. In a single program, designers with various backgrounds are brought together and trained to be successful creative leaders - with outstanding future possibilities in the job market: both in companies and as independent consultants.

Design Thinking

A special edition of US-based BusinessWeek magazine from October 2007 named the 60 top international training programs for designers. The decisive criteria included innovation, interdisciplinary focus and future orientation. The stated goal was to recognize schools that have embraced the idea of moving beyond design ability to train students as executives and strategists. These skills equip students to react to the clearly growing demand for such creative managers by companies and non-profits.
The Master of Arts in Creative Direction offered at the Design School at Hochschule Pforzheim University is ranked by BusinessWeek alongside the likes of Harvard, Stanford and MIT as one of the world's best design training centers.


On http://www.mastercreativedirection.com/ our MACD students show some of their works. Have fun exploring their projects!