Accessory Design


This unique degree course is the only accessory design program in Germany and responses to an urge of a highly dynamic and fast growing accessory industry with its upcoming, new market places. The subject is defined as an inter- and trans-disciplinary fulcrum, a creative scope between fashion, textile, jewellery, interior, industrial design and smart products. It features not only a wide range of segments like footwear, leather goods, bags, luggage and travel items, eye-wear and fashionable health- and sport-wear, but encompasses a large diversity of elements, gadgets, objects and artefacts up to mini-series and small collections.

In-depth investigations across multiple disciplines provide a critical insight into different design approaches and offer a thorough understanding of process-related principles and their applications. By applying experimental methods, studio teaching and collaborative units stress the cultivation of critical and creative engagement, of working within limitations and interconnecting creativity and commerce. The course underpins a technical expertise, it covers a wide range of key skill sets, excellence, craftmanship, traditional manufacturing, up to contemporary techniques, smart technologies including 3D-processing and –printing. 

Bild: 'Balance' von Anna Eckenfels