The highly diverse program content offers at its core a broad in-depth experience of fashion disciplines including menswear, womenswear, textiles and knitwear that combined, provide a transferable and holistically formed expertise. Extended research and investigational exploration of original ideas, will be contextualised and integrated into design strategies on different key levels: visually, materially, spatially, and textually. The interplay of traditional and contemporary techniques with emerging technologies is as vital to the education as new developments, practices and technological shifts is in everyday life. Arguably the vectors of fashion, cultural movements, market shifts as well as clothing and garment production are fundamental to be reviewed and critically realigned during the creative stages.

Inter- and trans-disciplinary ventures, collaborative projects, crossover activities allow totally integrated units of study to extend design and fashion challenges. Connecting to fine art, popular culture and critical studies creatively, fashion and its design process is pushed to its ‘perceived’ boundaries thus ensuring an innovative statement with distinctive quality and value to industry and markets. This will be delivered to management through remarkable social skills, versatility, and professionalized communication tools as well as through the capacity to connect at speed. 

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