Industrial Design

Industrial Design focuses on forming a new type of designer, a creative personality considering design no longer as a simply object-orientated activity, but a concept-driven, innovation-focused process of research, strategy and global design approaches.

Nowadays the designers‘ impact has a broad spectrum, and it has to cover a wide range of multifaceted reference points comprising the classical area of product design, emerging disciplines, new market places, upcoming services, innovative developments in technology and engineering and environmental issues. By applying varies methods and methodologies, students are trained to think holistically, to create and to work interdependently and will be able to cooperate successfully within competitive settings as both, team-partners and team-leaders. Due to integrated design management units, entrepreneurial thinking, managerial skills and commercial planning becomes an initial, stimulating part of the creative design process. The degree course fosters inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations with both international institutes and design-studios as well as with recognized industry partners.  

picture: 'Traveling unknown trails" by Leonard Staigle

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