Industrial design is a growing market. Industrial and trade associations, economic policymakers and companies themselves have all highlighted design as being one of the fundamental factors for success. In their opinion, design also makes a contribution to a sustainable increase in competitiveness and injects long-term stimulation into both exports and the domestic market. However, differentiated and expressive design solutions can only be generated by well-trained industry designers. According to all predictions, the demand for this professional group is thus set to continue rising in the future. 

Graduates have a whole range of options when entering professional careers. The design and development departments of industrial companies employ industrial designers in the field of research and development or in the marketing department. Many companies, above all those without specific design departments, utilise external design studios for the purpose of product development. The majority of industrial designers are employed by these highly specialised studios. The companies employ industrial designers both as permanent staff and often as freelance workers. With industrial design being one of the classic free-lance professions, it is relatively easy to work independently. 

When viewed on an international basis, German industrial design and the education of students occupies an outstanding position. The course in Pforzheim has a strong tradition of maintaining first-class cooperation and connections and successfully verifies its performance every year in a large showcase of work. Due to the considerable intensification of the subject areas concerning design and and management, the students are well-prepared to integrate entrepreneurial aspects into their design work. Industrial designers educated in Pforzheim generally enjoy a smooth entry into their professional careers.