Transportation Design

The degree course is internationally recognized for its excellence and is considered to be one of the best worldwide. Its quality is reflected by its enviable reputation. The comprehensive and diverse course is is at present unique to Pforzheim and offers a strong focus on innovative and visionary design projects framed by industrial collaborations with automobile manufacturers throughout the world. It covers “transportation” in a broad perspective comprising public transport, mobile systems of organisation for land, sea and air travel, personal mobility products, new modern technologies and contemporary developments of mobility.

The division of work and the associated specialisation integral to the design process in the large studios of the automotive industry place highly specific demands on the designer. Through the structure of the curriculum and the integration of theoretical and practical instruction (project-related alignment of the course contents), the degree programme caters specifically to these demands. Due to a cross-disciplinary provision of knowledge, which is strongly orientated around project work, the degree program in Pforzheim results in optimum professional employability.

picture: 'AUDI ICON' by Gabriel Salewski, in cooperation with AUDI AG, 2016, pictures by Gabriel Salewski and Petra Jaschke

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