The majority of the employment positions relevant to graduates of the Transportation Design course are found in design studios working on vehicular and in particular automotive projects and, due to the increasing outsourcing of large parts of the development work, in the increasingly important supplier industry. The relevant employment market is not limited to Germany and this demands flexibility in the selection of a place of residence. The graduate generally applies for a position as a junior exterior or interior designer, which may be carried out in production design or advanced design. Career promotion opportunities include project, team, studio or group management or a role in design management. 

Graduates of the BA in Transportation Design degree program are well prepared in terms of their knowledge of common working and communications methods in the automobile industry. Having worked together on vehicle projects with the industry, they already have had contact with colleagues in the design studios and with designers at management level. As a result of contact between the program in Pforzheim and comparable schools abroad, the students are able to compare their skills, assess their strengths and weaknesses and thus submit applications at an appropriate level. Preferences for sectors, roles and types of vehicles that arise during the course are also a contributing factor. 

Due to a cross-disciplinary provision of knowledge, which is strongly orientated around project work, the degree program in Pforzheim results in optimum professional employability. The graduate acquires a well-grounded theoretical academic foundation, vehicle-specific specialist knowledge, the ability to generate high-quality design drawings, experience in project planning and processing, and creative skills and abilities in the initiation, execution and completion of creative processes. The course is intended to facilitate the smoothest possible transition into an existing design team and to guarantee high productivity in the workplace from the outset. 

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