Communications is a market which shows strong growth, with the demand for and volumes of information exchanged increasing rapidly. In order to formulate striking and perceivable messages that reach their desired audience and achieve their purpose, cooperation with a well-trained communications designer is indispensable. The career prospects are excellent.

The profile of requirements for a communications designer is extensive; the designer can thus gain employment in a wide range of professional fields. Professional opportunities exist in advertising, with publishers of printed media, with media and design agencies, in television networks and in communications departments within companies and organisations. Here, the designer is most commonly in demand as a layout or screen designer and is required to prove himself/herself as a team player. Given the appropriate degree of commitment and suitability, communication designers have good prospects for a promotion to art director, creative director or project manager.

Many graduates also choose to work as freelancers or in small joint ventures. Here, they support their own clients or work on an independent basis for agencies, commercial enterprises or cultural organisations. Many communication designers choose to specialise in response to specific demands in the marketplace or based upon personal preferences. Specialisation could take place in the field of corporate identity and design, management and orientation systems, product features, the design and marketing of events, shows, entertainment or information conferences, or the design of electronic media in online, offline and on-air fields. 

Career entry is eased by education and training that is orientated towards the actual demands of the practical profession. We take this into account in Pforzheim and participate in real-world projects in cooperation with commercial enterprises and other organisations.