Graduates of the Master of Arts in Creative Direction have various options for positioning themselves in the market. With advertising and design agencies, SMEs, large corporations and management consultancies, a broad spectrum of career advancement awaits. Another promising option is founding and successfully running an entrepreneurial venture in design or consulting. By combining design management abilities and analysis of the latest developments and expectations, our graduates can work, not just as creative directors and design consultants, but as product managers or product developers.

In light of upcoming developments, the primary goal of the Master of Arts in Creative Direction is to increase the efficiency of design-specific skills and combine them with analysis, organization and reflection. Precisely because creative thinking is less structured and shapes openly complex visions for the future, leading positions increasingly demand it. Such design-specific skills paired with the special ability to visualize situations and ideas make it possible to build a new breed of manager who can lead and advise a company with confidence and innovation.