NEW: Master of Arts in Design & Future Making

Current tendencies in design differentiate between developing solutions based on social and economic conditions and working in a form finding process to find answers to these issues. Pforzheim School of Design‘s new Masters of Design & Future Making is strongly studio-based, exploring transformative approaches to design making between traditional and emerging technologies. The relationships between design and making, manufacturing and users are at a watershed moment, such as evidenced by the Maker Movement, the increasing importance of handmade processes and the dynamic develoment of digital possibilities which transform our lives, up to Industry 4.0 and the internt of things. The MADFM builds upon this and, essential for creating culturally and environmentally progressive and sustainable futures, enables you to maximize your design, practical, profes-sional and interdisciplinary competence. You will be challenged to plumb and remix the potential exisiting between craft and digital technologies analytically and creatively.

The curriculum provides a multi-facetted environment in which you embrace the fundamental impact of material and technological developments within a forward-looking context of making in design. Critical examination of current issues such as smart products and digital ecosystems lead to discerning developments. Juxtaposing cutting edge artistic and digital research with craft and making sensibilities, the MA program addresses design as both form and process leading to integrative haptic design. This cross-pollinating and hands-on approach enables you to foster your personal focus and growth through rigorous research and informed experimentation.

The studio-based courses are centrally supported by tutorial guidance from Accessory Design, Jewelry, Fashion, Industrial Design and Visual Communication, as well as the Arts and critical thinking lectures. A further focus is a transdisciplinary link to other Pforzheim University disciplines such as engineering, business and law. Our wide range of well-appointed workshops, including gold- and silversmithing, electroplating, woodworking, plastics, textile, leather, ceramics, photography and silkscreening, enhanced with digital systems and tools, provide an immersive laboratory for your hands-on development. The Northern Black Forest region, with it‘s culture of small and larger scale manufacturing companies encourages collaborations with industry.

Are you a maker with a BA or equivalent degree in design and have ideas that you are passionate about exploring and developing within the Design & Future Making design context? The broad scope of work and emphasis on personal viewpoints contributes to and helps define the discourse on intrinsically linked designing and making and how you reflect and form the role of new social values as factors in changing dominant cultural understanding and practices. Apply and let us know your ideas and project proposals – we look forward to getting to know you.

If this is you, please contact us for additional information. Application deadline for the fall course is April 30, 2017.

pictures: 1.) "virtualFASHIONreality" by Hellen Oni, 2.) "Chronüp" by Marc Limper, photo: Isolde Golderer