Program Structure

The program focuses on three areas: 

  • Future Making: German products are appreciated the world over for their design, their unique technological status, perceived value and attention to detail. The new masters program draws on this tradition while embracing future design developments juxtaposing the increasing role of handcraft with developing digital technologies. Our goal is to engage in and advance design through exploring such approaches to product ideas and impulses for start-ups as represented by the Maker Movement, analyzing and developing new value systems and  embracing the renewed importance of the sensorial allure of things.

  • Digital Transformation: The federal government has declared „Made in Germany goes digital“. The MADFM examines Industry 4.0, the internet of things, sharing concepts and smart products within a critical, creative and explorative context, enabling students to plumb the dpeths of the transformative areas between analog and digital leading to the research of innovative concepts and their haptic development.

  • Innovative design strategies; How is the „real new“ developed? Design thinking, design strategy, economy systems and additional methods are fields of research and application which empower our graduates for meaningful future enterprises. 

The MADFM draws from the various School of Design competencies as well as the whole university, capitalizes the potential of our wide range of workshops and labs,  broadened by digital systems and tools. Thus new design languages and impulses are developed which address and help innovate form-changing values and utilization concepts. 


Students can choose their creative focus among the competency areas of our faculty: Accessory Design, Jewelry, Fashion, Industrial Design and Visual Communication. The potential for exploring complementary or new aeras to one’s BA discipline encourages important cross-pollinaition and expands one’s horizon. No other masters program offers such a diverse range.

Students have the opportunity to work in a transdisciplinary manner with the Pforzheim University Schools of Engineering, Business and Law. Thus we enable our students to intensify their creative development while at the same time maximize their interconnection abilities.