Course Description

The course consists of three main areas. Knowledge gained in specific modules are integrated within the semester projects.

The professional studies module concentrates on fundamentals of automotive design in combination with theoretical and managerial aspects.

The automotive exterior module focuses on the development of vehicle exterior design, within the context of the semester project. Students are required to make concept proposals for a given theme in sketch and rendering form along with a scale tape drawing based on technical “package”. Thereafter, students should produce a 3D virtual model which should be submitted at the end of the semester for assessment.

The automotive interior module is basically similar to the exterior module. However projects are of a higher complexity than the previous semester. Students are given tuition in all aspects of automobile interior design, necessary for the successful completion of a final 3D virtual model, including rendering and animation (Alias AutoStudio, Premiere etc.). For assessment, students are also required to submit examples of research, including ergonomic and material studies.

Picture above: Project by Song Lin Jiang, MATD1, WS 2016

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