Roland Müller, Foto von Ömer Gör

Café Roland

Roland Müller, the former Head of DesignPFs’ examination office, is a legend among the School of Design faculty and students. The student-run Café Roland in the old Alfons-Kern-Building just across the river Enz and very close to our main building is named after him. It operates as a registered association with voluntary workers, the membership is open for everyone.

Café Roland serves as a central meeting point in the new creative quarter and is sort of a second living room for Pforzheim’s creative people. Exhibitions, podium discussions, lectures, and other events like open stage nights and concerts have found a new home there. Please get in touch if you’re interested in participating! 


Current events can be found on the Café Roland Facebook page.


Photos: Harald Koch, Ömer Gör, u.a.