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Financial Assistance / Scholarships

Is it possible to receive financial support for my course of studies?

As soon as a person has registered as a student, he or she can apply for stipends. An overview of financial assistance can be found on the “Funding Opportunities” page. The university regularly organizes informative events about potential financial-assistance programs. Information is provided at these events about the application process, the selection method, the intervals during which financial assistance may be granted, and many other details. 

Financial assistance may be available, depending on the program (e.g. for a semester of study abroad) and for students in later semesters who are preparing their final projects or who are involved in similar undertakings. Prof. Sibylle Klose and Barbara Dofek are the contact persons at the Faculty of Design for questions related to financial assistance in connection with periods of study abroad. Simply visit them in Room G1.110, Holzgartenstr. 36 or phone them at tel. 07231 - 28 6786.