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The Werkschau podcast of the School of Design at Pforzheim University gives an insight into application, studies, initiatives and socially and future relevant topics in the field of design.

The latest episodes from SS23:

- Studio WW - Freedom or security?
- Yesim, Anna, Naomi - Print or digital?
- Tessa - Bachelor or Master?
- Vivi & Cécile - Jewelry or object?

Older episodes:

#1 KATAPULT - Starting your studies
#2 My portfolio: ID vs. VK
#3 Bachelor and then what?
#4 My Master. And what's the point?
#5 The initiatives in the house
#6 The future of fashion
#7 AI and design

Produced on the occasion of the 2022/23 winter workshow by 4th semester VK.


We have produced some videos to inform you about our design school: How does studying work during a pandemic, what are the main focuses of our teachers, and where did our graduates end up? – Enjoy!

Why study design at all, and why in Pforzheim?

We asked four of our professors: What is special about us, what is the 'Pforzheim spirit', and what does it take to be a successful creative student? Thomas Gerlach, Evelyn Echle, Sebastian Hackelsperger and Silke Helmerdig provide answers. They all agree: Creativity is the currency of the future and we provide a great training!

Studying design in Covid times

Up close: Our students filmed themselves and show how studying works during the pandemic - offline, at home, online, alone, with each other.

Projekt X von A – Z

In dieser Rubrik zeigen wir euch, welche Gedanken hinter den Projekten unserer Student*innen stehen: von der ersten Idee über den Entwurf bis hin zum fertigen Objekt. 

One Blank Square (Fashion) by Paula Lessel

Dare to Change (Accessory Design) by Julia Suppanz

X years after PF: Our graduates

Our graduates are scattered all over the world - but still keep in touch with us. We visited them and asked them to show us what they do today. And of course we also wanted to know how they look back on their time at Design PF and what influenced them most. To be continued!

More from our programs

Films of our students' projects from all semesters and courses are available on our Youtube channel and on Vimeo.