We have been producing some fresh videos to give you an idea of our design programs: does studying design during a pandemic actually work? What are the main topics our professors focus on? Where do our students go after graduation?


Why study design at all, and why in Pforzheim?

We asked four of our professors to share their thoughts with us: What is special at Design PF, what's the spirit of our school, and what would we like to see from our applicants? Thomas Gerlach, Evelyn Echle, Sebastian Hackelsperger and Silke Helmerdig agree: creativity is our most valuable resource for the future, and Design PF is the place to learn how to use it best.


Studying design during a pandemic

Come closer! Our students recorded some video diaries to show us how studying design during a pandemic works: offline, at home, online, alone, together.


X years after PF: our graduates

Our graduates live and work globally, but they are still in touch with us. We visited some of them at their current location and asked them to show us what they're busy with now – years after their graduation. How do they see their Pforzheim college days in retrospect and what influenced them most for their further career?


More video material from our programs

On Youtube and Vimeo you can find lots of project videos from our students – all semesters, all programs.


Pforzheim University

Besides the School of Design, Pforzheim University offers a wide variety of other programs: the School of Business & Law and the School of Engineering are oftentimes our partners when it comes to cross-disciplinary cooperation and teamwork – to change one's point of view is one of our core practices to educate our future designers.