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At the end of the semester, there is always a public presentation (Werkschau) where all students exhibit their work. This date is an excellent opportunity to get an impression of how it is to study at the School of Design.

Both in the main building, Holzgartenstraße 36, and in various additional buildings, a wide range of design works from all programs and semesters is displayed. In the evenings, the fashion program will have its fashion shows. During the Werkschau the students are present on site and look forward to answer your questions. The entire Werkschau is organized by the students themselves - from the bars and cafés to presentations, guided tours and the fashion show.

Save the Date:

...the next Werkschau will take place on February 10 + 11, 2023.


Review Werkschau Summer Semester 2022



"What does the future look like?" - we asked and our students gave answers.

The theme was an invitation to start one's own thought bubble, to look into future spheres and to be inspired and inspire. A general, simple, and clear question. Answering it, on the other hand, is as difficult, multi-layered, and diverse as our degree programs themselves. The common denominator is the future. And the differentiator is design, or rather the possibilities that design offers us. "Pushing design to its limit." 

The Werkschau took place on July 15 + 16, 2022 and can still be visited online at


Photos by Petra Jaschke, Harald Koch