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Fashion: Career

"Pforzheim is a good place to come from"

Fashion graduates from Pforzheim have an excellent reputation in the industry. We support students during and after their studies with coaching sessions that specifically identify individual strengths and strategies. Numerous industry contacts are intensively cultivated during the course of study, as is networking with our successful graduates. This helps to find great jobs during the internship semester and makes it much easier to enter professional life after graduation.


Job description Fashion Designer

In recent years, fashion in particular has expanded its radius of action within contemporary culture and become a leading medium. The decisive factor for this is the strengthened alliance between fashion and media, photography and art. That's why we expect applicants to have a high degree of creativity, flexibility and openness, in addition to an understanding of the craft. 

Our goal is to train creative fashion designers with their own signature, who are able to combine individuality, craftsmanship, problem awareness and technical know-how in their innovative concepts and who are also able to develop a range of products for the industry that meets the differentiated demands of the consumer. We offer training to become highly qualified designers who, depending on their talents and inclinations, can pursue a specialized career in fashion design and the apparel industry or in related fields with professional competence. 

Career Paths

The career paths of our graduates are very diverse, with the most common positions being designer in all areas (men's, women's and children's fashion, sportswear, underwear, knitwear, accessories, etc.), stylist, product manager and directrice in large and medium-sized clothing companies. Corresponding positions in advertising, press and styling agencies are also common.

The profession of costume designer in theater, film and television is just as open to graduates as that of fashion journalist, merchandiser, consultant and independent fashion designer.


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