Design PF

Rucky Zambrano, Finland

"I have always taught here and there during my long career, first as an architect and later as a shoes designer. It has always given me the fresh exchange to be with students that in that stage of life are thirsty to learn and get the right tools to make something of their lives.

The combination of the “dreamer and the maker” in conflict looking for the perfect outcome. That is something that you can lose when working in the real world and the industry is leaded by numbers and linear growth.

The world is changing now dramatically, and new visions are in play: sustainability, circularity and the new generations are reflecting those values in their behavior.

So, we chose three parameters to put in play on the project: design a sneaker collection.

  1. Sustainability (ethics)
  2. Performance (functionality)
  3. Fashion (poetry)

These are tough times, on which we must quickly adapt to changes. Covid-19 and lockdowns have changed our modality to work and be together. Despite of this, either the students and I managed to have fun and get the most of our time in video lectures and the visits to review the projects together. The Erasmus support was vital and important to make this happen. The University has nice labs to support them as well.

A nice spirit of collaboration was in act between them when the most experienced guided the others. The last run for the presentation was formidable and the outcome was good!

I look forward to the next lecture. When one has accomplished success and experience on career it is worth to give back to the ones who will shape the world to come." – Rucky Zambrano