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Guest students

I would like to attend lectures at the School of Design as a guest student. How can I apply?

You must be aware of several points in advance:

  • As a guest student, you need a university entrance qualification for colleges and universities in Baden-Württemberg. (You can find this authorization on your school-leaving certificate)
  • You must pay a guest student fee. The fees are: €80 for lectures up to four semester hours per week; €160 for lectures up to eight semester hours per week; and €200 for lectures exceeding eight semester hours per week. Beginning in February 2016, an exception to this rule has been valid for refugees who have already acquired relevant expertise in their home countries. These individuals can attend selected events at the University of Pforzheim, which chooses to forego the otherwise obligatory fee charged to guest students. 


Procedure to apply as a guest student:

1. Inquire at the intended course of studies and/or ask the instructor in whom you are interested. (Contact them via their Academic / Research Assistant. You can find the name of the appropriate contact person under “Team” on the program pages. Ask this individual if you can be accommodated as a guest student.) 

2. If you receive an affirmative answer, submit your Application for Guest-Student Status together with a passport photo to our Student Registration Office. We will notify you afterwards whether your application has been granted by all authorities. We will also notify you how and where to transfer your fees for your status as a guest student.

3. After you have transferred the fees, you can pick up your temporary student ID card at the student registration office of the Faculty of Design. Please bring a written receipt confirming that you have transferred the funds.