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Current information and consultation dates



Info day with portfolio advising
April 5, 2023 (online and on site)

At our info day, you can find out about the BA & MA program content and have your drawings checked during a portfolio consultation. We start at 11 a.m. in the auditorium.
11 a.m.: Advising on our study programs and on how to apply
11.30 a.m.: Artistic portfolio consultation with Prof. Silke Helmerdig 
You can come to the consultation in the auditorium without registration.

In addition, we also offer you an online appointment. If you want to participate in the online portfolio consultation, please register for it:
Send us an email with your name, desired study program, phone number, and an attached pdf with your drawings (max. 10 mb) to

For the online information we use the video platform Alfaview, the access link will be sent to you in advance by mail. 

We are looking forward to your visit!





Other formats

Design PF Camp for school students

You want to study design and get to know our university? Then take part in our free Design PF Camp! For three days you can experience the daily life at our school: Attend workshops with our students, try working  in the studios and meet our professors. At the end, there is an exhibition of all projects in our auditorium. Come and join! 

The next Design PF Camp will take place during fall break, November 2-4, 2022. Registration will start in October 2022.



Our Werkschau is a great way to see semester results and get a sense of what students are working on. Our Werkschau website gives you a good taste of the past few semesters, with over 3,000 projects! Browse by: Werkschau


Individual consultation

You can get information by phone at 07231 - 28 6724 at the Office of Student Affairs, or by e-mail. If you have specific questions regarding your study program, you can also contact the academic staff directly; you can find the respective contact information on the pages of the programs. Questions regarding the recognition of school reports or internships can be answered by our Examination and Internship Office (Phone: 07231 - 28 6726).


A day at Design PF

We at Design PF are a small family. If you would like to spend a day in your desired study program, we would be happy to make that possible. It is not always possible and unfortunately not in the Transportation Design program, but please contact the academic staff in the study program and discuss individually what is feasible!