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MADFM: Career

Our graduates are best prepared for their future roles in culture, society, industry and research. During the course of your studies you will be confronted with questions about the consequences of your decisions, not to hinder freedom and imagination, but to strengthen the ability to justify and legitimize your own position. You have a clear holistic stance, a highly developed competence in transdisciplinary thinking and making, a well-developed constructive and questioning curiosity, and create haptic mediations on all sensory levels on a strong theoretical foundation. Given the growing complexities, interconnectedness, and abstractions in all aspects of life, these qualities are increasingly in demand and will prepare you to help develop new fields beyond the traditional design professions.

Fields of work include design agencies, museums, medium and large companies, management consultancies as well as establishing and successfully managing your own studios. The master's degree can also lead to a career in design research and further academic research, as well as prepare students for doctoral studies.



We are looking forward to your application!

Picture of student project: ‚Symbeyond Realities‘, by Nina Hanselmann ‚Symbeyond Realities‘ by Nina Hanselmann