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Apply for the M.A. in Design & Future Making

Dear prospective student, please use our two online portals for your application. Below you will find detailed information about which documents to upload to which portal in order to apply for the MADFM. General information about the application process for Design PF Master's programs can be found on the page 'Apply for a Master's program'
If you have any questions, we are happy to help: Our StudiCenter can be reached by e-mail or by phone at 07231 - 28 6724 / 28 6718, and here you can find the contact persons for the study program

....Let's go:

Application Deadlines

The start of the MADFM program is always in the winter semester (end of September / beginning of October). 
Application deadline: 30 April 
The application deadlines mentioned are cut-off deadlines, i.e. all applications that have not been uploaded by this date can no longer be considered. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The Application Portal

In the application portal, you can enter your personal data :

  • Please fill in the online application form with all the requested information.
  • Upload your certificates: Proof of Bachelor's / Diploma degree qualifying for Master's studies (design studies with at least 180 ECTS), if applicable with German or English translation. 
  • Language certificate for non-native speakers: German language certificate according to §3 f)1: DSH exam (DSH 2), TestDaF (> 16), telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule, or Goethe Zertifikat C2


Our application portal is open from 
April 15 - 30.

Please use a desktop computer for your application and not a mobile device.


Ready? Then let's continue with the portfolio!

The Portfolio Portal

In our portfolio portal you upload your portfolio, your CV, a letter of motivation, and the proposal of a possible research project:

- About the portfolio: The portfolio is a collection of documents that provide information about what you have done so far, how you approach problems, what your skills are, and what ideas motivate you. Depending on the medium and discipline, this may include photos (of, among other things, finished objects, model studies, books, printed material, technical constructions, etc.), PDFs (of, among other things, development processes, research series, concepts, digital experiments, etc.), and/or other digital data such as films, kinetic sequences, design installations, interactive games, etc.

Please note the following specifications for uploading your portfolio: 

  • the number of works is up to you (upload maximum: 20 files)
  • All files must be named with the name of the author and the title of the work in the file name, e.g.: MustermannMax_Portfolio.pdf
  • The works must be uploaded in the intended view (not rotated / upside down)
  • When uploading, further relevant additional information can be stored in the 'Description' field for each work
  • Accepted file formats: PDF, MP4 and JPG
  • file size: max. 5 MB/file

In addition, please upload the following documents to the portfolio portal: 

- Curriculum vitae (pdf)

- Letter of motivation (pdf, max. 1 page). This should address the following topics, among others:

  • What experiences do you personally bring to the MA in Design & Future Making?
  • What excites you about the MA in Design & Future Making program?
  • What do you understand by "future making"?
  • Report on a recent work, innovation, or research question that you find exciting and enriching.
  • Describe what you think will impact the future of design and society.

- Proposal of a possible research project (pdf). We are interested in what you plan to do in the MA in Design & Future Making. Please describe a future project for us.



Our portfolio portal is open from 
April 15 - 30.

Please use a desktop computer for your application and not a mobile device.