Design PF

Our Guiding Principles

The field of design in the 21st century is developing into an oscillating creation of concepts, products, communication and solutions between exploratory thinking, artistic genius and strategic action in teams. An artistically free approach and the further development of design thinking as methods, cultural-scientific-social knowledge as an intellectual foundation, knowledge of craft processes and industrial production processes, as well as market orientation and, above all, "user centered" thinking, are at the center of our educational mission. Based on these core competencies, it is a matter of course for the School of Design to shape and advance the strategic objective of Pforzheim University - "leading through change of perspective".


The ability to think our way into the future

Thinking comes before acting! Successful designers must have the ability to detach themselves from the present and think their way into the needs, lifeworlds and social scenarios of the future. Far beyond just the form or the product, they design future scenarios and life developments, systems and situations. They play a decisive role in the formation of culture, the development of interfaces and competence networks, and they always develop their concepts with a view to meaning and responsibility. Designers design and develop things, materials, processes and communication solutions that shape the everyday life of society, the product world, science, politics, the environment, and thus our everyday life with a corresponding attitude.

Within the framework of its teaching and research, the School of Design is committed to this culture of thinking and acting and to the social and economic responsibility of its students, projects and messages. The education at Design PF thus moves in the area of tension between visionary and scientific thinking and strategic and economic action. It establishes connections between social developments – especially those in art and culture, philosophy, technology and communication.