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Accessory Design


The School of Design is the only university in Germany with a course in Accessory Design.
We think: Accessories like shoes, bags, belts, glasses or scarves make a simple outfit a stunning look! 


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In the Design PF program, you will become a specialist in all areas of men's and women's accessories: shoes, bags and luggage, belts and small leather goods, eyewear, scarves, hats and related details such as clasps, buttons and other decorative elements.

From unique pieces to designer and branded accessories to models with functional characteristics or with digital/interactive features - there are no limits to creativity!

Picture of student project: ‚O'DEUR No5‘, by Christiane Wittke, Photo: Florian Klein, Christiane Wittke ‚O'DEUR No5‘, by Christiane Wittke, Photo: Florian Klein, Christiane Wittke

Video 'Phobia' by Lisa Glosse


In the semester projects, Design PF often cooperates with companies - this allows you to experience the design process almost under real conditions. In the 5th semester, an internship semester, preferably abroad, is mandatory for our students. Excursions, guest lectures and workshops as well as stays abroad for study and practice are explicitly encouraged. Furthermore, regular participation in international competitions is an important part of the education.


Picture of student project: ‚einKlang‘ by Vanessa Tschentke, 2020, Photo: Christian Metzler
Flyer Accessory Design (pdf, in German)
Picture of student project: ‚Sui Generis‘ by Michaela Han, 2016, Photo: Regina Han ‚sui generis‘, by Michaela Hahn, Photo: Regina Hahn


„The Accessory Design major is the intersection of three disciplines:
It is the perfect fusion of the immediate relevance of fashion with the artistic poetry of jewelry design and the functional precision of industrial design.
Design is not just about dealing with formal or functional aspects - it is also about the cultural, societal and social implications of what designers do.
It is about a sense of responsibility for people, nature and society.“

Prof. Madeleine Häse


Picture of student project: ‚O’DEUR No5‘ by Christiane Wittke, Photo: Florian Klein, Christiane Wittke ‚O'DEUR No5‘, by Christiane Wittke, Photo: Florian Klein, Christiane Wittke
Picture of student project: ‚[DIS]COVER‘ by Anna Eckenfels, 2016, Photo: Christian Metzler
Picture of student project: ‚bruised‘ by Luisa Pflüger, Photo: Harald Koch ‚bruised‘ by Luisa Pflüger, Photo: Christina Papadopoulou


Accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, glasses, scarves, etc. are one of the strongest selling segments in the field of fashion. Accessory designers move between commerce and applied art, their own vision and current consumer needs, as well as different cultural needs. They create concepts for designer and brand collections of big labels as well as fashionable offers for the industry.


Picture of student project: ‚schön objektiv‘ by Irina Fomina, 2019, Photo: Marina Kraan