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Picture of student project: Sophie Krautmacher, Sustaining Preciousness by Sophie Krautmacher, 'Sustaining Preciousness'

Jewellery: The program

Course of studies

One focus at Pforzheim University is on artistic fundamentals. The intensive study of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, audiovisual media and cultural studies subjects during the first semesters provides indispensable stimuli that contribute to the development of an autonomous artistic personality.

From the 3rd semester onwards, students can choose from an interdisciplinary range of projects offered by internationally active professors - this serves to sharpen their individual point of view, the basic capital of our budding designers. By carrying out projects, students learn to set concrete goals, to manage their own time and to work on complete projects independently. The projects offered include projects with independent themes, as well as with companies or guest lecturers from the fashion jewellery sector and other industries.

Subjects in marketing, branding, business administration for designers and law complete the creative skills of a designer. Market and brand knowledge enriches the design process and makes it easier to place one's own works in the market. 

We attach great importance to contacts and exchange with the national and international jewellery industry: students have the opportunity to regularly participate in important trade fairs and design events where they make important contacts, get inspiration from current international designers, and gain experience in presenting their work. We also offer exchange semesters and joint projects with university partners worldwide. 

Picture of student work by Franziska Hoehne by Franziska Hoehne


Cooperation partners in past semesters have included:

  • Technisches Museum der Pforzheimer Schmuck-und Uhrenindustrie
  • Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
  • USE Uhren Schmuck Edelsteine Bildungszentrum Pforzheim GmbH, Jeanette Fiedler
  • Diemer
  • Cemni
  • Gellner
  • Milano Fashion Institute
  • H&M
  • Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim
  • Binder Group
  • C.Hafner


„Pforzheim has turned into my second home. Every project is an enrichment and challenges me to always try something new. Every time, I am surprised by the variety of projects ideas students come up with, which are individually created from the same theme, since the students are given the space to design freely and arbitrarily with the most diverse techniques and materials.“

Vivian Manzardo, Studentin