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Picture of student project by Jasmina Jovy, BA-Thesis Project by Jasmina Jovy, BA-Thesis

Job description Jewelry Designer

Through the broad-based, multi-layered study program, jewellery graduates become pioneering jewellery and object designers. They gain the self-confidence and skills to go their own way, to assert themselves and to provide society and the markets with authoritative impulses. They are both self-employed and employed. Their field of work ranges from their own atelier activities to employment in design offices and industrial companies to supplying haute couture designs for renowned fashion houses and their jewellery lines. Graduates also have the opportunity to show their qualities as jewellery artists at international galleries. In international comparison, the students of the Pforzheim School of Design have a very good reputation.

Thanks to the practical and theoretical foundation of their training and the passion they bring with them, our graduates can gain a foothold as self-employed professionals and in companies, and assert themselves on the market with their creative potential throughout their entire professional lives.


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