Design PF
‚Mercedes Benz Zooming Twenties‘ von Tim Bormann, 2021

Transportation Design


Students of the BA in Transportations Design are trained for professional entry into the position of a junior designers the vehicle industry and adjacent or related industries.

Graduates are able to work on a design project independently or in a team until handover within the development team and to accompany the further implementation of the design into a pre-model or production model. 

"Mercedes Benz Zooming Twenties", BA-Thesis, Tim Bormann, 2021



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Flyer B.A. in Transportation Design (pdf, in German)
'AUDI ICON' by Gabriel Salewski, Cooperation with der AUDI AG, 2016, Photos: Gabriel Salewski, Petra Jaschke


The central object of the Design PF training is the automobile, since most of the content required for the profession can be taught and applied to it due to its high complexity and the variety of construction and application forms. Most of our students are later employed in the automotive industry - but transportation designers can basically work in any three-dimensional design field.


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Graduates work in automotive, motorcycle, yacht, rail vehicle, bus, truck, aircraft and bicycle design in companies worldwide. They hold positions ranging from junior designer to senior designer (lead designer).


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‚Kei Car‘ by Jan Bendixen, 2020