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Picture of student project: ‚Opulence - The Scandinavian Way‘ by Alexey Semenov ‚Opulence - The Scandinavian Way‘ von Alexey Semenov

Transportation Design: Karriere

Job description Transportation Designer

Graduates of the program are qualified to work in the automotive industry. The central object of the training is the automobile, since most of the content required for the job profile can be taught and applied to it due to its high complexity and the variety of construction and application forms. Graduates of the program work in the automotive, motorcycle, yacht, rail vehicle, bus, truck, aircraft and bicycle design industries in companies in Germany, Europe, Great Britain, Asia, the USA and South America in positions ranging from junior designer to senior designer (lead designer).

Picture of student project: ‚Sportwagen für McLaren‘ by Dennis Moser ‚Sportwagen für McLaren‘ by Dennis Moser
Picture of student project: ‚2025 Tesla Roadster Coupe by Felix Weckemann ‚2025 Tesla Roadster Coupe‘ by Felix Weckemann

Upon graduation, our students can work on a design project independently or as part of a team until it is handed over to the development team, and can accompany the further implementation of the design in a pre-model or production model. After graduation, graduates usually start in the position of a junior designer in the automotive industry and adjacent or related industries. In addition to the main focus on automobiles, they are successful in many areas of vehicle design such as public transport on roads and railways, aviation and yacht building.

Career paths

With increasing work experience, the young designers move up to higher positions and / or specialize or continue their education by studying for a Master of Arts in Transportation Design or in another field. Several graduates of the program reached the position of leading designer after some time in their company.

The Pforzheim program maintains a close relationship with its graduates, creating opportunities for contact and communication between experienced and aspiring designers through events such as the Classic Car Reunion.


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Picture of student project: ‚Audi Icon‘ by Martin Simmet ‚Audi Icon‘ by Martin Simmet
Picture of student project: ‚Rolls-Royce Cloud‘ by Mohammad Morassafar ‚Rolls-Royce Cloud‘ by Mohammad Morassafar