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Visual Communikation: Career

Amalia Blum and Sven Steinmetz: Award at the Art Directors Club (ADC) Germany Competition 2020. Photo: stilwerk
‚Maniera Magazine‘ by Amalia Blum, Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2018
‚SILK – Magazin über Sichtweisen der Schönheit‘ by Saskia Lorenz

Where can I work later on?

The applications of visual communication are diverse. The career opportunities are correspondingly diverse. These are subject to constant change with the emergence of ever new media and the accompanying social changes. Employment is available in advertising, publishing houses, broadcasters, communications departments, agencies and studios. These have often specialized: For example, in corporate design, editorial design, type design, illustration, web design or app development.

App ‚Aimie‘ by Malin Kamlah
Malin Kamlah, winner of the UX Design Award 2020

Job description Communication Designer

Visual communication designers work for national and international companies. Their communication tasks can be global and cross linguistic and cultural boundaries. Openness, general education and language skills are therefore among the prerequisites for succeeding in this profession. Communication designers are partners with their clients. They can communicate with them at eye level. They represent their design with arguments and are able to learn and criticize. Their work has many points of contact, which they must use productively. They are networked in a team with service providers and other designers in their discipline, but also work closely with members of neighboring creative professions.


...Interested? We are looking forward to your application!

 Rebekka Trunz released her first cookbook, Green Protein, in 2018:

From the cookbook 'Green Protein' by Rebekka Trunz, published 2018
Cookbook 'Green Protein' by Rebekka Trunz, published 2018
Rebekka Trunz

Stefanie Moser designed the 2020 summer edition of Treacle-Moon shower gels:

Stefanie Moser
‚Treaclemoon Cocktailserie‘ by Stefanie Moser, 2020