Design PF

Introducing: Design PF

Welcome to our Quick Facts - here you will find a brief summary of what the School of Design is all about:


Design PF Showroom

In the first Corona semester, we developed a digital showroom for our students. Because you realize at the latest when it is no longer possible, how important it is to show your own work, to receive feedback and to enter into a professional discourse. So, without further ado, we have digitized our show of works, the 'Werkschau'. Since the launch in July 2020 we had 47,064 visitors! 1041 students show 4267 projects in pictures, text and film (as of 03/2023). The Werkschau website is also a top service for our students: They use their individual portfolio url for self-marketing in their social media channels such as Instagram.

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Design PF goes Places

Our students shape the cultural life of our city. Installations, exhibitions, performances and many cooperative projects are fields of experimentation for the budding designers. At up to 50 events a year, students can try themselves out as cultural actors and, with the support of the university, let the public participate in their work.

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Picture Catwalk Neo Fashion

Design PF Prep

Our goal is to recruit talented young designers, that is why we advertise our degree programs with a wide range of consultation services. Over the course of a year, for example, 194 portfolio consultations were held online and on site, and 289 visitors attended our information days online and on site. We plan to resume our Design PF Ambassadors format, students who go into schools and present their degree programs, as soon as possible. Our Design PF Camp, inviting interested parties for workshop days together with the students during the fall vacations, was attended by 30 students (we around 130 applications). Our students are also involved in all these formats: they are ambassadors at eye level, proud to report on their development in their studies and to show interested visitors: Hey, you can do it too!

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Design PF Published

Our students are not only sought-after cooperation partners, they also provide interesting materials for the media.

Over the course of a year, more than 200 articles appear in every conceivable media outlet: daily newspapers, blogs, radio stations and TV formats. Sometimes a simple press release is the breakthrough for an undergraduate project, such as the completely new lace shoe by Sophia Lindner and her company act'ble. Sometimes companies find interesting works through press reports, cooperate with our students and produce their project ideas, such as the German learning book "Mein Deutschland" by Amelie Weinert, which was published by Langenscheidt. 

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Picture of Gerhard Tessmann


Again and again, ideas from cooperation projects within the curriculum are brought to market: This special edition of the Lidl gin, 30,000 bottles, with the label of our student Gerhard Tessmann, was sold out within 3 days.


Picture of Treacle Moon shower gel bottles

Treaclemoon Shower Gels

For sale in over 5,000 drugstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: The shower gel series for Treaclemoon by student Simone Moser, created in a cooperation project.


Picture of Vogue article about Abarna Kugasthan

Vogue India

Fashion student Abarna Kugasthan landed in Vogue India with her graduation collection "Room of Wonders: DIASPORA FANATISM," which focuses on her life in two cultures.


Picture of tv magazine ‚Aspekte'

Culture Magazine 'Aspekte'

The renowned culture magazine Aspekte on ZDF reported on our exhibition "Protestbereitschaft" at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart - a cooperation of our fashion program with the class Jankowski at the ABK Stuttgart.



Bild Magazin SMCK

Magazine 'smck'

The international jewelry magazine smck published works of the jewelry students, which were created in a cooperation with the magazine and for the magazine: about the longing in the pandemic.