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‚Volvo Haven‘ by Oscar Johansson, 2021

Master of Arts in Transportation Design

The Master of Arts in Transportation Design program is designed for graduated industrial or transportation designers with Bachelor or Diploma degrees. The language of instruction is English.

Completing our Master's program will enable you to work immediately after graduation in the vehicle or automotive industry in a position of responsibility beyond your own design work. In contrast to graduates of the Bachelor course, the Master of Arts in Transportation Design fulfills the necessary requirements to structure a project team, to plan a design project and to supervise its execution.

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Big News: The magazine 'Auto&Design' has published a detailed article about the Design PF courses in Transportation Design in its current issue (No. 262, October 2023)! Continue to article

‚Rewired‘ by Dominik Jefmanski, 2022
‚TARS‘ by Swayang Das, 2022
Nissan ‚Chico‘ by Giovanni Duc, 2018
Flyer MATD (2023)

The fields in which our graduates work in include design in series design or advanced design, model building support as well as working in a mixed team (development, marketing, design).

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‚Volvo Haven‘ by Oscar Johansson, 2021
‚Audi Arouse‘ by Chloe Gao, 2022
‚FUTURE RACING‘ by Erik Saetre, 2016, Cooperation with AUFEER Design
‚MINI Moke‘ by Yura Jong, 2017
‚Bicho‘ by Pedro Arturo Ruiz Garcia, 2019