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Industrial Design


We are surrounded by products: The coffee machine, the garden tool, the chair, the MP3 player and much more. Industrial designers deal with three-dimensional objects of everyday use - they create things that make life easier and improve it from a sustainable point of view.


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‚Aircase‘ by Jonathan Müller




Picture of student project: ‚Focusseat‘, by Annika Wahler ‚Focusseat‘, by Annika Wahler


„I study industrial design in Pforzheim because the university offers many opportunities to express myself artistically and practically. This freedom allows me to find my strengths and develop them further. My goal is to use this knowledge to design products that offer the best possible benefits for people and the environment.“

David Senbay, Student

Design PF offers two models for entering Industrial Design: 

1.) Industrial Design CLASSIC: Classic Industrial Design training with an analog focus includes 6 months of internship prior to the first semester and full access to faculty-owned workshops during study.

2) Industrial Design DIGITAL: Industrial Design with a digital focus is studied without a pre-internship and entitles students to limited workshop use during their studies.

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Flyer B.A. in Industrial Design (pdf, in German)

‚Flavor Fusion‘ von Sara Sadeghi


Growing complexity and interconnectedness of technologies, internationalization and high competitive pressure to develop ever more differentiated and expressive design solutions - all these factors increase the demand for capable product designers. Product design today includes attention to corporate values, brand attributes, function, innovation, technology and sustainability in the design process, which is why graduates often work in highly specialized design offices, or in design or development departments of industrial companies.
After some time, many open their own design office.

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