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To decorate oneself is a primal need of man. The longing for identity, self-worth as well as a certain belonging are components of the human being. By wearing an object on the body, it becomes a catalyst: we communicate explicitly or implicitly through the chosen pieces an attitude, we position ourselves.
Through their art, jewelry designers give form and expression to these unspoken qualities of being.


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Bild studentische Arbeit: Generative Gestaltung und Handwerk, Lifu Zhou, Photo: Petra Jaschke Generative Gestaltung und Handwerk, Lifu Zhou Photo: Petra Jaschke

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Objects in the close body-related environment of humans also have a similar effect or task. From mundane utilities to components of personal and public rituals, everyday objects reflect social values and visions. Human needs and desires and how we deal with them are captured as material, usable objects that provide new approaches to the interplay of craft and technology.


Jewellery almost always interacts directly with the skin and can become an integral part of the body. In this context, the creatively sensitive handling of material and form forms an understanding of the individual in dialogue with the surrounding society.



Picture of student project: ‚INTRAKUTAN‘, by Isabelle Schaaf, Photo: Sophia Mohr ‚INTRAKUTAN‘, von Isabelle Schaaf, Foto: Sophia Mohr


Individuals as well as companies today increasingly appreciate the qualities and values of the handmade again - both in "haute couture", in the current interior and product scene, as well as with individual customers, a great demand for handmade can be observed. 

The jewellery program at the Faculty of Design offers a special combination of artistic freedom, design quality and a long tradition. Our excellently equipped workshops and individual supervision by experienced workshop masters and material specialists enable a comprehensive and solid technical education.

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Projects in all areas of jewellery - industrially produced series, limited small series or unique pieces - broaden the horizon of experience and the knowledge of the respective manufacturing process of the pieces. Cooperations with regional and international companies and institutions, as well as regular exhibitions at international trade fairs such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan (Italy) or the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (Netherlands) prepare our students perfectly for the job market.


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„To engage with jewellery and object is to engage in a constant process of exploration and discovery, in which traditional notions, and expectations are loosened, the unknown, ambiguous and enigmatic are allowed, wit and paradoxes are formulated, the ability to observe and pay attention is sharpened, acumen and presence of mind are released.“

Prof. Christine Lüdeke


Conclusion: The Design PF Jewellery program offers you the chance to develop and find your own design language in the constant process of exploration and discovery: your observation skills and creativity will be sharpened and trained, and you will acquire all the knowledge to establish yourself later as a jewelry designer.

We value innovation and uniqueness - if you have the ambition to redefine contemporary jewelry and objects, this is the program for you!

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