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The DesignPF Portfolio Portal

In our portfolio portal you will not only upload your artistic works, but also your CV and your motivation letter. Via the blue bordered images below you can see step by step (click on the image) how the upload process works and thus prepare all files accordingly.
To avoid error messages, please read the technical information about the portfolio portal below before uploading.

Your submitted digital artwork will not be used by us and will be deleted after the application process is completed.

Instructions for the portfolio portal


1. choose the program you want to apply for.


2. enter your first name, last name and e-mail address.


3. state the number of your application(s) with us, including the current application.


4. upload your application document (pdf file, no pdf-portfolio please). Further down on this page you will find a summary of what it must contain. Please wait until the loading bar for uploading the file is complete.


5. give us your affidavit about the creation of your artistic work by checking the box.


6. click on 'Submit Application' - done! You can save a screenshot of this page as a confirmation of your upload.


File specifications

Bachelor programs:

  • 10 to 15 general artistic works (drawings / paintings, i.e. hand-made originals); and additionally 5 course-related works. From these images you take pictures and create a pdf file (ideally, in landscape format). Please make sure that your artwork is shown in the intended orientation (no rotated / upside down images).

    In the photos of the artwork, the edges of the paper sheets should be visible, and, ideally, a size reference object (e.g. sharpener or pencil). Also, please provide the following informations below the artworks:
    1.) Title of the work,
    2.) size of the original (in cm), 
    3.) drawing material used (e.g. pencil, charcoal..),
    4.) drawing surface (e.g. paper, canvas, cardboard...)
  • a CV 
  • your letter of motivation 

Combine all files to a single pdf-file (classic pdf, no pdf-portfolio)

Before uploading your file to our system, please give the finished pdf the following name: LastNameFirstName.pdf with your name, e.g. DoeJohn.pdf.

The file size of your pdf for upload must not exceed 40 MB. 


Please note: Applicants who have already passed the portfolio selection in the previous semester do not have to submit any artistic work. If this is the case with you, please upload only your CV and letter of motivation as ONE file (pdf) to the portfolio portal.

Master programs:

Applicants for MACD, MADFM and MAJ upload their portfolio as well as the other documents mentioned for the portfolio portal here – please check application MACDapplication MADFM and application MAJ to make sure which documents are to be uploaded into which portal. 

Applicants for the M.A. in Transportation Design upload ALL their application documents to the portfolio portal.

  • 1 file
  • File format: .pdf, ideally in landscape format (classic pdf, no pdf-portfolios)
  • File size: maximum 40 MB
  • The pdf should be named with the name of the author, ex: DoeJohn.pdf 
  • Upload please in the intended view (no rotated / upside down images)
  • on the pages of the artistic works please provide explanatory information about concept, working method, used media, etc.
  • Films or other media can be integrated via links in the pdf.

Link to the Portfolio Portal:


Our portfolio portal is open from 
March 15th - 30th and Sept 15th - 30th for International MATD applicants
April 15th - 30th and October 15th - 30th for all other BA + MA applicants

Please use a desktop computer
to upload your application, not a mobile device!

Icon for a box with link and text

Please note: Applicants for Bachelor's degree programs, for the MACD and for the MADFM please use both portals, the application portal AND the portfolio portal!

Technical information on the portfolio portal

To avoid error messages during the upload process please note the following points:

  • use a stable and fast internet connection for uploading
  • make sure your browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox or similar) is up to date
  • note the specified maximum number of files, file formats and file sizes that can be uploaded for your application as artistic works:

    >> Applications for Bachelor's programs: 1 pdf file, maximum size: 40 MB

    >> Applications for Master programs: 1 pdf file, maximum size: 40 MB


What is meant by 'general artistic works' and 'program specific works'?

General artistic works are mostly drawings or paintings; they can depict still lifes, portraits, nudes, nature, architecture, and much more.
Works related to the program have as their theme/motif a typical task of the respective department.
Here are a few examples: an event poster for Visual Communication, an illustration of a garment for Fashion, a design drawing of an earring for Jewellery, a sketch of a handbag for Accessory Design, ideas for a seat for Industrial Design, a vehicle for Transportation Design. 

I passed the portfolio pre-selection but did not pass the written exam - what do I need to submit if I reapply?

If 6 points or more have already been earned in the portfolio pre-selection, there is no need to resubmit a new portfolio. All other documents must be resubmitted - please make sure to indicate in the application portal (not in the portfolio portal!) that you are NOT submitting a new portfolio.


After the upload in the folder portal, my files have the addition 'resized' and are smaller than the file size I had created. What am I doing wrong / can I send my files again?

This is all correct. Our system is configured to make a viewing-optimized version of the files when they are uploaded, which is slightly smaller than the original version. So the 'resized' in the filename doesn't mean any harm to you or a mistake - your files are perfectly fine, there's no need to worry!