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The preliminary internship

For a few of our degree programs, you will need to provide proof of a pre-internship when you enroll in your first semester:

BA in Accessory Design: 3 months pre-internship externally, or 3 weeks at our school*.

BA in Industrial Design: 
- with major 'Classic': 6 months pre-internship
- with major 'Digital': no pre-internship
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BA in Fashion: 3 months pre-internship externally, or 3 weeks at our school*.

BA in Jewelry: 12 months pre-internship externally, or as a technical pre-course for a fee at our school

BA in Transportation Design: 3 months pre-study internship

BA in Visual Communication: no pre-study internship

The preliminary internship has to be coordinated with our examination and internship office as well as with the study program. Here you can find all further information.

* Prerequisite for the 3-week pre-study internship at our school: admission to the program and sufficient places.

Recognition of the preliminary internship

Please submit the following documents for the recognition of the pre-internship: your report book (1 page per month), the final certificate of the internship (usually in the form of a report card), and the form for submission to the School of Design (in German).

Click here for the pre-internship information sheet (in German).

Please send all documents concerning the pre-internship by e-mail to: vorpraktikum(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de.

In your e-mail, please be sure to include the following information:
1. your full name
2. the course of studies you are applying for / have applied for
3. the desired / planned start date (winter semester or summer semester, year)

The pre-study internship must be entirely completed no later than the start of lectures.





Where can I do my pre-study internship?

Each applicant must organize his or her own internship position. Please be aware that the internship must be relevant to your intended course of studies and must cover specific activities (the required contents of the pre-study internship can be found on the respective internship form, see below, in german). The internship must be recognized by the School of Design, so we recommend that you check back with us before you begin it. 


Do I have to spend my entire internship at one / the same company, or can I do several shorter internships at different companies?

It is possible to split the pre-study internship into several blocks of two to three months each, as long as you acquire the relevant expertise. However, please be aware that it usually takes some time to “learn the ropes” in a company and to become familiar with the work sequences there. We therefore cannot unreservedly recommend splitting the pre-study internship among several companies.

How can I have my pre-study internship recognized?

In the Download area, you can find a document, specific to your course of studies, for the provisional recognition of your pre-study internship. 
For example: If you would like to begin your pre-study internship for the course of studies in Accessory Design, download the “Certificate of Recognition to the Course of Studies in Accessory Design” form. Have this form signed by the responsible individual at the company where you intend to do your internship. Send the signed form to vorpraktikum(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de. An official at the examination office will sign the form and send it back to you. This first step is obligatory: it serves as your guarantee that your internship satisfies our requirements.

How must my written report about my pre-study internship look?

Write a text in your own words describing the activities with which you occupied yourself during your pre-study internship. Your report should be no longer than a maximum of six 6 DIN-A4 pages. For example, write one page about your internship each month. Have each paged signed by your employer. Finally, collate the pages and send all of them to us after you have completed your internship.

I have heard some programs offer places for the pre-study internship at the Faculty of Design. Is this true?

Yes. The course of studies in Jewellery offers several internship positions onsite at the university. A yearlong technical pre-study internship is a precondition for acceptance to this course of study. The technical pre-study internships here on our premises are intended for applicants who have completed neither a goldsmith’s apprenticeship, nor a related training (e.g. dental technician), nor an internship at a company. At the conclusion of the pre-study internship, you may be required to pass a technical test.
To find out how you can apply for one of these internship positions, please read the Information Page of the program.

Also, the BA in Fashion and the BA in Accessory Design offer a paid 3-week intensive course as a substitute for the 3-month internship for applicants who have already received their Admission Notice. Places depend on availability. Please talk to the Research Assistants of the respective programs if you are interested in this offer.  

For the downloads (forms) regarding the internship, please switch the website language to german.