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The Invasive Identity of Bamboo, Joshua Burghardt, 2021

Master of Arts in Design & Future Making

Michaela Kraft, 2022
Facing Carbon, Elisabeth Klug, 2022


You are curious, open to critical exploration, practice-oriented and want to explore the possibilities and limits of making between craft and digital technologies? Test what you can do as a designer for a possible future? Interested in working creatively and critically in an interdisciplinary environment to develop your individual and collective skills?

Welcome to the MADFM


Ben Wengert, o.T., 2019
Flyer M.A. in Design & Future Making (pdf, in German)

We are moving among yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thereby, design stands in the context of culture, criticism and the search for meaning for a world in which we not only live, but which we constantly (co-)shape. We explore boundaries, perceptions and ideas in a multifaceted artistic and design environment. We are at the intersection of analogue craft and computer-based design; between traditional and digital manufacturing, materialities and ecologies. We experiment with promising technologies and materials, investigate sensory and cognitive s(t)imulations and question what a "making" means, in the context of possible "futures". We question existing methods and develop our own methodologies and systems and the ways in which old and new can be managed.

What are the consequences and responsibilities of design? What implicit meanings emerge in the process?

Vanessa Ohlhausen, Tantra, 2020

Process and form are the focus, leading to integrative and haptic design and communication. This cross-fertilization and practice-based approach allows students from a wide range of disciplines - design, architecture, art, science and engineering (with a demonstrated affinity for design) - to strategically sharpen and deepen their personal focus and design skills through research, experimentation and exploration of contexts. The program encourages the development of a research-oriented and exploratory mindset, provides freedom and time for experimental design and reflection, and thoroughly prepares students to become effective agents* of cultural, social, and environmental change.

The MADFM curriculum offers a diverse setting that promotes research, analysis of complex situations, and development of personal positions. Practice-based exploration at the intersection of low-tech analog craft processes and high-tech intelligent and interactive technologies leads to a new understanding of "craftsmanship" and is the core of the program. The interdisciplinary and hybrid practice encourages personal curiosity, imagination and questioning of processes.


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Nightsky Klangestaltung, Malte Stäblein, 2022
InDUCKtion, Nina Hanselmann, Kevin German, 2019

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